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Flags in the Cemetery Tomorrow

Posted on May 22 2024 - 11:06pm

We had a nice Troop meeting tonight with Merit Badges and more work on our Patrol boxes after the meeting.    Some of our Scouts got to run their baseline mile outside, and everyone finished with Holden to show support!

Congratulations to rank ups for Aarya and Keshav tonight, and Ani just after last week's meeting.

Tomorrow is the Thursday before Memorial Day when we place flags on the graves of veterans at the Wapping Cemetery near the Wapping Community Church.   Please join us in your Class A uniform at 6:00 PM at the cemetary at 50 Oakland Road.   This counts towards service hours needed for rank advancements.   Please join us to honor those who have served.

And we'll be marching in the Memorial Day Parade.  Hope you can join us for that one as well!    We'll meet at 09:00 on Monday.    Stay tuned for another email with details.


  • 05/23  Thursday 06:00 PM  Flag laying at the Wapping Cemetery.
  • 05/27  Monday  09:00 AM   Memorial Day Parade.
  • 05/29  Wednesday 07:00 PM  Troop Meeting and Joining Night at PRS.
  • 06/05  Wednesday 07:00 PM  Last Troop Meeting and Court of Honor at PRS.
  • 06/07 - 06/09  Campout at Sleeping Giant State Park.   You can still join us!
  • 06/23  Sunday 11:30 - 2:30  PLC Planning / Cookout.
  • 06/30 - 07/04  Sunday - Friday     Summer Camp!   Get those medical forms and MB signups in.
  • 08/09 - 08/11  Friday - Sunday - Berkshire East Camping and Whitewater Rafting Trip.


Posted on May 8 2024 - 10:52pm

Nice Troop Meeting tonight working on menu planning and Patrol boxes for this weekends  Camping Trip to Camp Johnson.  Stay tuned for an email with more details.


Upcoming events from our Calendar:

  • 05/10 - 05/12  Friday - Sunday  Spring Campout at Camp Johnson in Bolton.  
  • 05/12  07:00 PM PLC Meeting.
  • 06/07 - 06/09  Campout - Details TBD.
  • 06/30 - 07/04  Sunday - Friday     Summer Camp!   Get those medical forms and MB signups in.
  • August - An Adventure trip with white water rafting??   Make sure you fill out the Signup Genius!

Meeting at the Church

Posted on May 8 2024 - 10:12am
Troop 186 Scouts, : Reminders: use the links to 1) Tell us if you're going this weekend. 2) take Berkshire East survey. Also meeting is at the church tonight.     Go into the basement entrance to the left of the Church - Not the front door.
See you at 7!
1) Please rsvp to next weekend camp out: rmd.me/bK.SQITPcdi 
2) Berkshire East Interest Survey! Note: one question is about cost so families should fill out together. rmd.me/5R.uKOptbTO

Successful Fundraiser

Posted on May 8 2024 - 10:10am

Good evening,

I just wanted to thank everyone for the extremely successful fundraiser Troop 186 conducted this weekend.
All the Scouts did a great job, and represented Troop 186 in a mature and professional fashion! 
Thank you to the adults who supported our Scouts execute a great event.
Ideally, by close of business this Wednesday’s meeting, we’ll able to update everyone with the amounts raised by day, from this weekend’s received donations. 
Great job!
Joe Petroski 

Fundraiser and upcoming

Posted on May 2 2024 - 12:01am

We had a productive Troop Meeting tonight working on menu planning for our upcoming Camping Trip to Camp Johnson.  Stay tuned for more info and a signup genius.

Next week we'll meet at Avery Street Church at the usual time of 07:00 PM - 08:15 for our Troop meeting.   Don't go to PRS.

But first, we have our Fundraiser this weekend!   See you there!


Upcoming events from our Calendar:

  • 05/04 - 05/05  Saturday, Sunday    Rest Stop Fundraiser  - All hands on deck!  Make sure you signup!
  • 05/10 - 05/12  Friday - Sunday  Spring Campout at Camp Johnson in Bolton. Signup Genius coming.
  • 05/12  07:00 PM PLC Meeting.
  • 06/07 - 06/09  Campout - Details TBD.
  • 06/30 - 07/04  Sunday - Friday     Summer Camp!
  • August - An Adventure trip with white water rafting??   Stay tuned!

First Aid MB Class

Posted on May 1 2024 - 11:53pm

On Saturday, our Scouts attended a First Aid Merit Badge class, and it looks like we have work to do updating our Troop First Aid kit!

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